Residual Acquisition from ‘Motherly’ Love

ImageGrandmothers & Mother Tongues

I felt so accomplished last week.

Prior to the birth of my son in October, I was studying Korean (my mother’s native language), and Turkish (my husband’s native language). I made some progress in both areas, but I was admittedly taking on a bit more than I could chew by studying both at the same time while also working, teaching English, and growing a human in my belly.

After my son came, I didn’t have time for classes or to study on my own. However, my mother came to stay with me for just about two months. She, who always speaks English to me, was singing and speaking to my son in Korean. We also spent HOURS watching K-dramas at the end of my pregnancy, and in the wee-morning hours after he arrived. Suddenly, I was moderately immersed in Korean. Continue reading “Residual Acquisition from ‘Motherly’ Love”

Passion and Personalization of Language

‘Anne’ vs. ‘Mommy’Mom-baby-silhouette

My son, almost three months old, is about to embark on an amazing linguistic journey. He is half-Turkish, one-quarter Korean, and one-quarter American Caucasian.  He has an influx of words and tones being thrown at him, and for now, he’s content to listen and smile. When he starts to make sense of the words and develop language…well that is something that I am anxiously awaiting. Let me give you some context. Continue reading “Passion and Personalization of Language”